Website Maintenance & Support Services is low cost website maintenance services company in Houston & Houston. Our website maintenance contract prices and packages fees are affordable.Fixed website maintenance monthly fees starting as low as $70 per month. This includes updating your website content including text and/or images, videos, updating the site structure, updating hyperlinks on your website, and changing styling (color and format).

Basic package include three small updates or changes per month for $70 only. It include adding, editing or removing pages, products or items. Keeping weekly backup will be considered as one change so four weekly websites backups will be covered in basic package of $70, i.e. four backups per month, one being free.

The difference among the plans is the number of updates that will be done per month. Each change/update request you make counts as 1 change. For example, if you ask for one page text to be updated and ask for background colors to be changed, that counts as two changes.

Plans Basic Small Business Professional Enterprise
Fees $70 $130 $250 $360
Updates/Month 3 7 15 23

Website maintenance services company Houston

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